Payment Options

Which forms of payment can I use?

Shop Le Méridien accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Amazon Pay, Marriott Bonvoy Points and Marriott Gift Cards.

Can I use a Marriott Or Le Meridien Gift Card?

Any Marriott GiftCard can be used to purchase products on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How many Gift Cards can I use?

Guests can use up to two forms of payment to purchase products online (i.e. a traditional credit card and a Marriott GiftCard). If more than two different cards need to be used to complete your order, please call our Concierge Service at 800-813-7874.

What is the largest amount of Gift Card available to use?

Marriott Gift Cards are issued in amounts of $25 to $2,000. Please visit for complete details.

Can I pay with a mix of "Cash" and Marriott Bonvoy points?

Not at this time. Orders must be fully paid with either points or one of our many "Cash" options.

I don't have enough points to pay for my order. What can I do?

You can either choose a different payment option or you can also purchase more points at the Marriott Bonvoy Buy Points page. Please note that Marriott Bonvoy terms and conditions will apply.

Can I buy a subscription with Marriott Bonvoy points?

Orders that contain a subscription item must be paid with one of our "Cash" options.

Will I earn points on my "Cash" or Marriott Bonvoy points purchases?

Purchases made with cash or points will not earn you additional Marriott Bonvoy points.

I don't have a Marriott Bonvoy account. Where can I sign up?

You can sign up for your free Marriott Bonvoy account at the Join Marriott Bonvoy page.

How long after a return or cancellation will it take for my Marriott Bonvoy points to be added back to my account?

Please allow 7-10 business days.

I need help logging into my Marriott Bonvoy account or have a question about my points balance. Where can i get help?

For help logging in, please visit the Marriott Bonvoy help page or call 800-627-7468 to reach the Marriott Bonvoy support team who can assist you.

Can I combine points from multiple Marriott Bonvoy accounts to make a purchase?

Yes, but there are restrictions. The details can be found in the Marriott Bonvoy "How Do I Transfer Points to Another Member" help page.